Smart cities

Moving into the future:
a look at sustainable and inclusive

Moving into the future: a glimpse of sustainable and inclusive cities

We adapted the polyurethane bollard to modern cities or Smart Cities, where the aim is to create an interconnected and friendly urban environment for new forms of travel such as cycling or skates, and above all also for the pedestrian.

We seek to to promote the use of spaces in cities by these groups, prioritizing their safety, preventing falls and blows against the bollard from being fatal or having consequences serious without losing sight of its main function: to separate the pedestrian area from vehicular traffic..

FCI Urban at the Smart City World Congress

Our presence at the Smart City World Congress is focused on giving visibility to our value proposition to all the countries that are already committed to the new city of the future, where urban space is being reorganized around people.

From Europe (Paris, Munich, Dublin, Milan or Barcelona, as examples) where we currently have a presence, to Middle East, Asia and North America, focus of our development in the next 3 years.

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