Sectorization of public roads

In the charming city of Lugano, we carried out a public road sectorization project to delimit the use of mixed urban areas between pedestrians and vehicles.

Using the FCI Urban bollards with removable base to create espaces that can be modified with elements that are more durable and resistant to harsh winter conditions . These bollards delimit areas that can be changed from trafficable to pedestrian zones and vice versa, as required at any given moment.


Used product:
Florencia Bollard

Wide bollard with a flat head, with urban, functional and ecological design, without reflective strip (possibility of adding it).

Innovating in sustainability

The bollards and security bollards of FCI Urban have beendeveloped by ateam of specialistsafter years of research into materials.

With this we have achieved an element that, in addition to being incredible resistant, safe for pedestrians and does not require maintenance, is also sustainable and 100% recyclable.

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