bolardo cosmopolitan

Florencia Bollard

Dimensions: H 900/1000/1200 ø 100 mm
Total height: H 900/1000/1200 ø 100 mm
Weight: 3.3 Kg – 3.9 Kg
Material: Blendtech (Polyurethane)
RAL colors: For special textures or metallic colors, please consult prices.

Technical description

Fire resistance: CLASS I. According to UNE EN standard-
ISO 11.925-2: 2002.

Use temperature according to UNE-53541 standard:
minimum -40º C, maximum + 60º C.

Impact resistance: Test of 50 impacts,
flexing the bollard 90º, simulating a vehicle
of 1,500 kg at 15 km/h.
Fatigue resistance: Test of 500 impacts
flexing the bollard 45º, at intervals of 30

HIC: Head impact test with results
favorable (342, green zone).

AIS: Chest impact test with favorable results
(AIS3 less than 15%).

Functional description

Wide bollard with flat head, urban design, functional and ecological, without reflective band (Possibility of adhering overlapping band).

It has the capacity to absorb vehicle impacts and fully recover verticality.

UV-resistant and weather-resistant finish.

It can be directly recessed to the concrete or we can supply it with a lockable formwork that makes it removable.

No conservation maintenance. Possibility of customization.

Innovating in sustainability

FCI Urban bollards and bollards have been developed by a team of specialists after years of materials research.

With this we have achieved an element that in addition to being incredibly resistant and maintenance-free, is also sustainable, recyclable and safe for pedestrians.

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